She’s Got Your Sour Grapes Right Here

Sour Grapes Poster ChildShaha Ali Riza wants you to feel her pain.

She’s a woman done wrong.

There can be no doubt she’s furious about how she has been treated by the World Bank — being forced to take a leave, staying on the bank’s hideously cushy payroll, and having to endure enormous pay raises and promotions — all because Wolfowitz wanted to be head of the bank.

She should write a country song!

After all, being the fuck toy of Paul Wolfowitz’s (allegedly– is it possible they don’t actually do it?) can’t be good for your standing in the world, now that we know who you are.

“Or maybe,” she continued, “I was wondering, maybe because they’re married, they’re seeing that their relationships are asexual. But because I’m dating, there must be sex there.”

Her inablity to understand what conflict of interest means is understandable, given that she’s sucked off the government tit for many years now (and Shaha Ali Riza is not even a U.S. citizen).

Everyone in Washington sucks you know, and it’s just part of life in the city of the federal government. Isn’t that the normal state of things?

This conflict of interest thing, it’s about ethics, right?” is oft overheard in that city, at many levels, from the doorman to the highest office at the end of the corridor of power.

It is often followed by “Well, ethics ain’t the law.” Then followed by “har-de-har-har.”

But yes Virginia Shaha Ali Riza, sometimes ethics trumps the law.

And so it is written, all good scams must come to an end.

I guess the fabulous raise (Riza made more than Secretary of State Rice upon her soft landing at the State Dept.) and the wonderful placement working for that beneficiary of nepotism herself, Liz Cheney, were not enough for a Sour Grapes Poster Child with a sense of entitlement. Still, Fuck Toy Shaha Ali Riza wants to know why some people can get away with it and others can’t.

Go on, tell her, Liz.

Shaha Ali Riza arrogance might explain her anger. Shed no tears for her though, she’s still safely ensconced in the nursery known as Washington, sucking, sucking away.

There, there, don’t cry, Shaha Ali Riza, it’s all better now.

2 Responses to She’s Got Your Sour Grapes Right Here

  1. Johnny Boy says:

    I must say, what they allegedly were doing was a metaphor for fucking the World Bank and its members. You might say that, but I couldn’t possibly comment.

  2. Paco Bell says:

    That’s right, drag the quality and tenor of this respectable site down into the gutter with the sleazy Fox Populi, insinuating into the collective sub conscience of these two over-50’s rutting like cellulite besotted sheep (fully shaved), after a nightcap (or two) (or three) wearing smoking jackets, fuck-me pumps and camisol, and black socks with friggin’ holes so a gnarly toenail or two peeps through.

    Ew blech.

    Paul, get a clue, and have your mother darn your fucking socks.

    Johnny Boy, what can I say, you’re freaking the audince out here.

    Good job!

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