Peak Oil Bullshit

After the jump (below) you will find a Youtube capture of a CNBC report from an episode of Kudlow and (yawn) Company. It is interestingTViewing for those of us who enjoy a good (or in this case, bad) spin.

The two “experts” presented here are Matt Simmons and John Kilduff.

First thing you notice is the pace. It’s at fever pitch, having an immediacy that places this topic as the most immediate threat facing “the American Way of Life(tm)”.

The second thing is, it’s very much like a new pitch for war.

“We are basically held hostage by countries that aren’t that friendly to us in terms of owning most of the oil that’s out there.” -John Kilduff

sniff sniff: smells like bullshit.

Sounds like bullshit.

Must be bullshit.

Simmons seems the more grounded of the two.

“I know most of the people pretty well now, I didn’t five years ago, that are at the fore front of the Peak Oil discussion… and I don’t think a single one of them has a political agenda. I know I certianly don’t.” -Matt Simmons

Well, at least he doesn’t call for out and out war.

The basic fact that gets glossed over here is the GAO report and how/who influenced it.

Why does it contradict the US Geological Survey, which sees no shortage of oil. (There isn’t.) What’s more, the USGS also says we’ve used about 18% of the world’s know reserves to date.

I think these fuckers just have an itch to start bombing somebody- now. Who? Whoever is eating into “their” profits, obviously.

America: if you are wondering why the rest of the world mistrusts us so much, look to your “leaders,” and who influences (corrupts) them.

Anyway, the full travesty (video) after the jump.

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