It Figures: He is a Lawyer

Headline: TB Patient Identified as Lawyer

“He stepped on a plane with 487 people, one of the largest aircraft that Boeing makes, and he put us all at risk, just so he could go get married”

also of interest:

And in yet another twist to a story that seems to grow murkier with each new revelation, Mr. Speaker’s father-in-law, Robert C. Cooksey, is a tuberculosis researcher who has worked at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Do these CDC people like to experiment on the public for kicks? Maybe they’re like those MK Ultra spooks who enjoyed surreptitiously slipping one another LSD.

What ever happened to finding that anthrax killer from 2001? IIRC, there was speculation about one particular guy, but it just might be someone else- maybe another CDC droid (Ed.: there must quite a few!) so dedicated to his job that he must like to “conduct independent field evaluations” in his spare time.

Or maybe he was on the clock? Who knows?

When I got anal probed by those martians, I’m starting to think they might have actually been pretending, and were actually from CDC… or maybe NIMH.

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