I say, hang ’em high.

When people in positions of trust decieve the public and defraud institutions out of our money (I know that banks think it’s their money, but stay with me here), they deserve the harshest punishment allowed by law. This guy might be facing 98 years, and already had to pony up 2.75 mil (so far) in penalties, but the chances he’ll be inside that long are slim (lay down your bets, the line: he’ll get five, out in three with good behavior); and 2.75 mil may be a lot for you and me, but I imagine it’s only skimming the surface of his trough of ill-gotten gains (why shouldn’t he give it all back?).

I’ll be keeping my eye on his sentencing, curious to see just what sentence the court hands out (someone just said he’ll pay a fine and walk!).

Maybe he’ll pull a Ken Lay and we’ll see actual justice. Just desserts all around, waiter!

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