Make it All Go Away!

“It’s the right thing to do,” [LAT]

Sure, but maybe not the right thing to say after you get caught.

Nice if you could have done “the right thing” in the first place.

Sure, nobody would have know what a swell guy he was, brimming with personal integrity and all, but it would have spared him the spotlight of public scrutiny he, and his wife, are undergoing right now.

BTW, she sounds like a real peach.

“that he periodically allowed his wife Michelle to drive his city-owned GMC Yukon — a possible violation of city rules.”

“Michelle Delgadillo, 36, had a suspended driver’s license when she drove the city vehicle.”

“In 2004, she damaged the SUV by backing into a pole in a parking lot near her doctor’s office.” Hmmm, Doctor? Say what?

“The city attorney had the Yukon repaired at city expense.”

“Michelle Delgadillo also had a previous run-in with the law for driving without a valid driver’s license, car registration or insurance in 1998.”

BTW, the city we paid to repair the damage caused by Michelle Delgadillo to the city-owned our vehicle.

Now it has come to our attention that Rocky has been using various staff members as his personal handy men, day care providers, and go-fers.

The first two roles might require a license and payment for services rendered.

I guess we’ve be picking up the tab for all of that too. (Baby sitting? I wonder what Michelle does all day- buff her nails? Does she have a job? Someone, please tell me she is gainfully employed, and not a budget item on Rocky’s county expense account.)

What’s next for the wife, after ‘probation’… “rehab?” I hear it’s all the rage, that it’s a great public relations tool (rehabilitation of image, if not the underlying “issues”), and you come out of it all fixed, like nothing was ever wrong in the first place. Ready for a fresh start.

If that transpires, odds are we’ll be picking up the tab for that too.

So, after he was caught in the end Rocky decided the right thing to do was to go ahead and pay for the repair. He didn’t have to deal with an insurance company, didn’t have to shop around for the best quote, didn’t have to rent a car for a week while it got fixed.

He wrote a check. Three years later. And it’s all better now.

No it’s not. This has been an embarrasment not just for him, but to the public he “serves.” Like an episode of Leave it to Beaver, Rocky, in the role of “the Beav,” gets to learn a lesson about honesty an integrity.

Isn’t this a little late in life for our Rocky? He is an adult, it was presumed. The good people of Los Angeles wouldn’t knowingly elect a man-child who covers up his bad behavior like an embarrased ten-year-old.

He should at least learn to act like an adult. Here’s a suggestion: be a man and resign FFS. He can put this whole embarrassing episode behind him, and get on with his life.

Forget about being governor for the time being.

Grab one of those high-paying “consulting” jobs in the private sector that he probably has been cultivating during his tenure in the public sector.


So for the future, Rocky, and other elected officials out there, at every level, just a reminder: Public funds are not your personal piggy-bank.

I offer this small token up for your general amusement.

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