Cost of Local Gov’t Corruption:

July 30, 2007

$800,000 (and counting)

Benefits to cronies that got you in a position of responsibility in order to systematically rip-off taxpayers: $90,000 (average)

Being able to create your personal fiefdom: Priceless

Fuck-up of the Month

July 27, 2007

What happens when you are 24 years old, have a credit card, access to online trading accounts, and lack the crucial personal integrity gene?

Why yes, that’s right, you create a website to guilelessly tell the world about your (self-inflicted) misfortune of having over $300,000 in unsecured debt, beg for donations, mislead and mischaracterize your predicament so that you appear as victim not perpetrator, then cross your fingers and see how far you can ride this bull (-shit) until you have to absolutely, positively declare bankruptcy.

Jobs a good ‘un!


We have this fucktard sister-in-law of a fucktard ex-waiter who became a real estate agent with hopes of becoming a land baron by cornering the real estate market in (a-HEM) Bakersfield, CA. She is three million in debt and counting, and other family members currently vie with each other for their chance to be named our next Fuck-up of the month. Be sure and watch the viddy.

Stay tuned!

Toxic Waste

July 24, 2007

Just how many sub-prime lenders have imploded since December 2006?


You don’t say!

What was it like, working for one of these “boiler rooms,” that convinced people taking on debt was actually a good/ wise/ smart/ profitable/ patriotic thing to do?

& How’s that working out now, buddy?

There’s assholes to the left of me
There’s assholes to the right
Above and below me, hey
There’s assholes all around! 

Someone, quick, I need a poncho!

Meanwhile, there was this scary graph of a money market meltdown. Crikey!

Every so often I stop and wonder, “how’s those Cunts at Countrywide(tm) doing” lately? Well, lots of foreclosures on their books (the number has doubled in the last six months). So it’s an upward trend they got going there.

Good job Mozilo! Gonna dump any more stock?

In Miami, tail wags dog has been S.O.P. for condo glut creation, according to gimleteye.

Young Chickenhawks in…

July 23, 2007



Where’s Your God Now, Bitch?

July 22, 2007

Hey, that wasn’t mascara running down her cheeks, it was the blood of those naive followers of Jesus, who she hoodwinked and scammed out of their money, while reassuting them ignorance was the way forward.

No tears for Tammy Faye, puh-lease- save it for someone worthy. But everyone should feel free to dance on this fucking cunt’s grave.

I once saw Chuy in a taco, but after examining it closely turns out it was just birdshit from one of the many pigeons flying overhead. Does it still qualify as a gen-u-wine religious experience? Yes- as much as anything Tammy Faye or her ex-con (and dead) ex-husband ever offered anyone. (Still, they had as much a rightful claim on the Chuy guy as the paedo-loving pontiff does. Or me. Or you.)

Chuy is magickal! Step right up and be blessed by Chuy! Recommended donation only ten-percent!

Too bad there isn’t a hell for her to experience deserved Bosch-like pleasures such as: having her flesh peeled like an orange and being forced to watch having had her eyelids removed, or, removing her organs and having them force-fed to her. Pass the ketchup pleas-s-s-se!

I’d buy that pay-per-view for a dollar!


July 18, 2007


What a Maroon

July 6, 2007

Hybrid’s not what it’s cracked up to be?

Then sue.

Sorry if the reality of phycsics intrudes on your dream, but there is one law the fucking SCOTUS can never overturn: the law of thermodynamics.

Take that beyotches.

Of course if the goal here is to save money or fuel, then why overpay for something that a vehicles produced fifty years ago could provide, namely, class leading mpg?

That 30 grand you just wasted buys a lot of dino juice.

Moron. Douche. Tool.