Toxic Waste

Just how many sub-prime lenders have imploded since December 2006?


You don’t say!

What was it like, working for one of these “boiler rooms,” that convinced people taking on debt was actually a good/ wise/ smart/ profitable/ patriotic thing to do?

& How’s that working out now, buddy?

There’s assholes to the left of me
There’s assholes to the right
Above and below me, hey
There’s assholes all around! 

Someone, quick, I need a poncho!

Meanwhile, there was this scary graph of a money market meltdown. Crikey!

Every so often I stop and wonder, “how’s those Cunts at Countrywide(tm) doing” lately? Well, lots of foreclosures on their books (the number has doubled in the last six months). So it’s an upward trend they got going there.

Good job Mozilo! Gonna dump any more stock?

In Miami, tail wags dog has been S.O.P. for condo glut creation, according to gimleteye.

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