Fuck-up of the Month

What happens when you are 24 years old, have a credit card, access to online trading accounts, and lack the crucial personal integrity gene?

Why yes, that’s right, you create a website to guilelessly tell the world about your (self-inflicted) misfortune of having over $300,000 in unsecured debt, beg for donations, mislead and mischaracterize your predicament so that you appear as victim not perpetrator, then cross your fingers and see how far you can ride this bull (-shit) until you have to absolutely, positively declare bankruptcy.

Jobs a good ‘un!


We have this fucktard sister-in-law of a fucktard ex-waiter who became a real estate agent with hopes of becoming a land baron by cornering the real estate market in (a-HEM) Bakersfield, CA. She is three million in debt and counting, and other family members currently vie with each other for their chance to be named our next Fuck-up of the month. Be sure and watch the viddy.

Stay tuned!

2 Responses to Fuck-up of the Month

  1. concerned citizen says:

    This kid gets my vote also, do you believe how many people fell for the bull shit, he won the $1000 bloghunt on debt consolidation care.

  2. Paco Bell says:

    If enough of us vote for him, maybe Prez Clueless Bush can give him a Freedom medal on the steps of the White House. Whaddya think?

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