Laid off, and they’re already starting to squeal like the rat bastids they are

Alas, all good scams must come to end. If you don’t take care of your cohorts, Tangelo, remember they have short memories. They long ago spent their bonuses and when they stuck their hand hand out for more, you pink slip ’em, well, don’t expect your former employees will be kind to your “organization.”

And, as this wide-ranging exposé illustrates (NYT, free registration), those Cunts at Cuntrywide(tm) weren’t above making the very same sort of pitch as those bastids one post below:

On its way to becoming the nation’s largest mortgage lender, the Countrywide Financial Corporation encouraged its sales force to court customers over the telephone with a seductive pitch that seldom varied. “I want to be sure you are getting the best loan possible,” the sales representatives would say.

But providing “the best loan possible” to customers wasn’t always the bank’s main goal, say some former employees.

And, finally, someone in the MSM points out Tangelo Orangzillo’s prolific stock dumping during the preceding twelve months.

Plus, insight into what perhaps motivated those Cunts at Cuntrywide(tm) to crank out subprime loans at such an alarming rate. How much would you wager it had to do with the profit margin on these loans vs. prime loans? Add into this witches brew of usury the “incentives” (i.e. sales commish) for the Cunts droids to push risky loans when the borrower qualified for something less risky, then well, it’s deck stacked against anyone who misplaces their trust in Cunts at Cuntrywide(tm) and the entire home mortgage system:

Persuading someone to add a home equity line of credit to a loan carried extra commissions of 0.25 percent, according to a former sales representative.

Hey, wasn’t usury outlawed at some point in the history of ths country? No? Just in the bobble? Nevahmind.

[tip o’ the hat to Bakersfield Bubble]

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