Stupid is, and stupid does

He just continues to amaze:

WASHINGTON — President Bush, looking for ways to respond to the subprime-mortgage crisis, will outline a series of policy changes and recommendations today to help borrowers avoid default, senior administration officials said.

Among the moves will be an administrative change to allow the Federal Housing Administration, which insures mortgages for low- and middle-income borrowers, to guarantee loans for delinquent borrowers. The change is intended to help borrowers who are at least 90 days behind in payments but still living in their homes avoid foreclosure; the guarantees help homeowners by allowing them to refinance at more favorable rates.

WTF? Why should the rest of us pay for every other idiot’s excesses?

I suppose in order to get enough people on his side for the planned assault on Iran, he has to throw them a bone.

But a little advice for anyone who accepts any kind of bailout: read the fine print this time! No telling what your government has up their sleeve.

2 Responses to Stupid is, and stupid does

  1. John Speiro says:


    This is for the poor pathetic bastard that wrote the shit on this website. Come on down I’ll kick your sorry ass, please. I say bastard because anyone with a real father would not be a stipid ignorant asshole and spew the kind crap that you do.

    Ok, you don’ have any facts, you don’t know what your talking about, but most of all you are being controled by some wacko liberal that you probably suck off and fucks yo u up the ass because it tells you it is the right thing to do.

    Believe me I have seen it all before yes in Ca. The commies and socialists want to destory this country and you better get on board before it is to late for you. You will lose.

    I can’t believe you stupid morons. You stupid dumpass liberals. You don’t even know what you are mad about. I use to be a liberal until I got a job and made a life for myself and the fucking dems and libs want to tax us all more and give it all to fucking losers that sit on their fat ass’s all day and expect the governemt to support them.
    Let me make it clear blacks and whites. Get a job and shut the fuck up.

    I would gladly ____ all of you but well tune in later. 🙂 Have a nice day.

    There is more to come . ALL LIBS must ___ . NOW

    Of course this is just an excersise in free speech. Red white and blue Clinton is a commie and so are you.


  2. Paco Bell says:

    Dude I’m like 6-6 and 245 lbs of pure-bred hillbilly muscle. As a former NFL defensive lineman, I can only laugh at your hollow threat behind the mask of internet anonymity for you’d be dead after I donkey punched you in the back of the head.

    First off, you insult my father. He died of cancer, moron. He didn’t deserve this (maybe you do).

    Neither did this country deserve the morons who somehow Machiavellied their way into office to bring ruin to the middle class folks of this formerly great country of mine.

    You my frienemy are living in a 50 year old dream world where commies and socialists still exist? Get a fucking clue and WAKE UP ALREADY! The only “communist” nation left is Cuba, and that’s hardly a threat to anybody but Cubans.

    But I got a boogeyman in the back of the store at half off if you need a decent substitute.

    Just like the leaders of Cuba have it in for Cubans, the people of America are slowly waking up to the “hit” the Cheney brigands put on the middle class. (I would venture to guess, judging by the lack of an higher education that is obvious in your posting voice that you are lower middle-class to poor. I think you must know that makes you a class traitor. Careful, you might get hanged for that someday!

    BTW, I accept your challenge. Where do you want to meet me, pussyboy!?! I’ve gt a lot of travel mileage choking my wallet, I’d gladly burn some up if it means I can come and kick your FUCKING ass.

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