Mortgage meldown a terrorist plot?

This “mortgage meltdown” has the “fingerprints of al-Qaeda all over it,” according to one insider.

This is a tale that has not been picked up by the MSM yet, but given time, it most certainly will. The blogosphere is already all over it.

It has been recently revealed through top-secret administration documents provided by an undercover source in Homeland Security, as well as “highly placed” officials at the Securities and Exchange Commission, that the instrument known as the Collateralized Debt Obligation (CDO) was the creation of an al-Qaeda operative working undercover at Drexel Burnham Lambert.

“This was the metaphorical equivalent of a suicide bomber… except it has not yet detonated, but believe you me, this is imminent.”

This same “person of interest,” according to an FBI informant “worked within the system in order to help destroy it.”

His identity is known, but only to a few highly placed officials. This “person of interest” is said to now run one of this nation’s largest hedge funds. So many of this nation’s wealthy citizens have so much invested under his auspices, it is felt that rather than “rock the boat,” the administration would rather play it safe for the time being, wait it out to see if this individual can make investors a few more dollars before they take the opportunity to withdraw capital, as in a down market, because- so far- he has done very well by them.

The Hundred Year Plan
Al-Qaeda planners and strategists think long term- “decades and centuries, unlike our month-to-month, at best five-year plans.”

And just where will all of this end?

“It is common knowledge al-Qaeda has successfully infiltrated American financial institutions,” and this has, according to one source “not gone unnoticed.”

“If they’re profitable, and so far they have been it’s highly unlikely that anyone would want to interfere. We are waiting until they screw up, that’s when we (Homeland Security) would grab them. It’s all about market timing, which is pretty easy.”

Credit where credit is due
The stroke of genius was in getting the bubble to blow up in the first place- getting people’s hopes up that the economy was strong, buoyant, and long term, by making convincing arguments via the mainstream press and late-night infomercials that “this time it is different” and that it was indeed possible to “earn without having to put forth effort, get an education, or struggle.”

The nation’s deficit status is looming over the horizon like the sword of Damocles, and whose head is on the chopping block? “Americans, that’s who,” said the official.

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