Moral Hazard ‘R’ US

So, what’s it like to have a Milstein around your neck? Do you sink fast?

Milstein et al can drop dead.

I read this wankers modest “proposal” much like I would Swift’s.

Or closer still there is the legend or myth of the US general who said sometime during that earlier version if Iraq, Vietnam, that “we’re destroying the village in order to save it.”

At least the LAT allows some differing (or, if you will, dithering) opinions. This guy Viles seems pretty grounded:

Funny thing about government policy: Sometimes big changes happen with little public debate and no warning — for example, the decision by Congress to lift conforming loan limits by $300,000 to help high-cost housing markets like California, quite possibly at the expense of other markets. You would think a momentous decision like that — opposed by regulators, quite likely to mean higher interest rates for some borrowers — would generate an old-fashioned debate in Washington. You would be mistaken.

He’s basically commenting on Milstein’s shite- which is how I happened upon that hot steaming pile of. Viles sees right through him, and has a clearer view of the much bigger picture around what Milstein proposes, as well as how this STOOPID “stimulus package” (“I got your stimulus package right here, babe”) sets a bad precedent.

As this post on puts it:

“Heck, if $600 is a stimulant, let’s go for the real gusto with $10,000 each to really jump start the economy.”

Why not, eh? Are the (elected) powers that be such pikers that they think I (what about you?) will sell out my country for 600 fucking ameros?

Indeed, why such a paltry limit? It’s all gonna be funny money pretty soon anyway, eh, why not shoot for the moon?


Taxation without representation? My ass.

That $600 check is a bribe to look the other way while these wretched turdlingers steal the palace jewels.

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