Who thought owning your own home

would become the AMERICAN NIGHTMARE!


Seriously, a so-called “healer and metaphysical mystic” (I shit you not) got herself a liar loan.

Her lawyer- yes, she had one- says he expressed reservations BUT STILL she proceeded. The lender accepted her account of her (phantom) income. Then, using her properties like an ATM she MEWed her way into a total of 1.6 million in debt- and is now facing foreclosure and bankruptcy.

“Ms. Sotire financed much of her debt in 2005 and 2006 through ‘no doc’ loans, where she didn’t have to verify income. She said brokers seemed satisfied when she told them what she believed her potential income to be, based on a certain number of clients she estimated she could see each day.”

How is this NOT fraud?

“She’s very strong-willed and she was going to go through with it.” -her lawyer.

By the way, a little bit of advice to Mrs. Sotire: if you’re paying a lawyer to give you advice, try putting on your listening ears and… well, shit, why waste the bytes, after all she knows what’s best.

Why! oh! why! tell me why! should either her or the lender get bailed out?

What’s so bad about foreclosure anyway? Take your lumps, get on with life, and stop acting like big babies!

The death of a spouse or a child, divorce, sex difficulties, pregnancy, injury from a car accident or fall… even losing a job all have a deeper impact on the human psyche than foreclosure– something you can walk away from physically unscathed. Sure it ‘hurts’, the way a traffic fine ‘hurts’ or an audit from the I.R.S. ‘hurts-‘ which is not as much as the sting from pulling a band-aid off real fast.

Yank it and it’s all over. Reward yourself with a lollipop!

I swear- betweeen congress critters biting their nails because they are unsure how much their constituency cares about foreclosure and the subprime debacle, to Bukkake and the Fed‘s deep concern their banking brethren don’t take a major hit (and why should they when they can pass the losses on to you, the American consumer), to the damnable Wall Street predators who peddled this shit like it was Oxycontin and all their clients had a Rx as big and legitimate as the appetites of Lush Rimjob- I don’t know which of these goddamn detestable pussies are worse! Franklin, Jefferson, Washington couldn’t imagine what a bunch of wankers we’d become, getting ourselves all bundled up in a straitjacket of deriviatives and hanging upside down from a crane over a tank of sharks and only 30 seconds to escape. Hey, how’s that done by the way?

The same way it’s done on Wall Street, old cock, smoke and mirrors, smoke and mirrors.

Pain in French is bread, by the way- the metaphorical possibilities are boundless!

It’s not even bricks and mortar people, it’s sticks and gypsum and pergraniteel on a small plot of land- and it is that land which holds the intrinsic value of what you owe, not the structure, however pretty it may be.

Get over it already and let’s git ‘er done!

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