A corrupt politician in Washington?

Shocking, isn’t it?

“When she arrived in Congress last fall, Rep. Laura Richardson sought out a vehicle that would match her newfound status.

“She settled on a 2007 Lincoln Town Car – the choice of many representatives who lease their vehicles at taxpayers’ expense. But hers was distinct: at $1,300 a month, it was the most expensive car in the House of Representatives.

“Richardson, a Democrat who represents Carson, has since become known for defaulting on two home loans and losing a third house – in an upscale neighborhood in Sacramento – at a foreclosure auction.

“But her history with vehicles has been similarly fraught. When she was a councilwoman in Long Beach, she crashed her BMW, abandoned it at a body shop, failed to pay a prior repair bill, and then racked up 30,000 miles on a city-owned hybrid in one year – apparently violating a policy against personal use of city cars.” [Daily Breeze]

She better get better at this graft and corruption business otherwise people are gonna get mad and recall her… for being lousy at the bestest, most funnest part of her job: stealing from taxpayers. We judge a politician around these parts by how smooth and greedy they are, and this piker bullshit just ain’t cuttin’ it.

You gots to get better at coverin’ your tracks, and those of your homies, girlfriend. What are you, the leader of the gang that couldn’t shoot straight?

Maxine, maybe you can straighten her out?

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