Fire this corrupt old windbag

September 30, 2008

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you…

September 29, 2008

The Pay-Day-Loan President


  1. The Revolving-Charge-Account President
  2. Debtor-in-chief
  3. Mr. Lay-Away-and-Pray-for-Delay
  4. The Underwater President
  5. Mr. Spend-a-lot!
  6. Bankruptor-in-Chief

Such a legacy!

— “Not that long ago I came to the realization that it wasn’t the politicians that were stupid; rather it was the people electing them over & over.”

That is such a load of BOLLOCKS!

September 27, 2008

More and more the meme that “poor people” or “minorities” are ultimately responsible for our financial crisis (The end of capitalism as we know it”) needs to be addressed now.

The Community Reinvestment Act is but a small blip on the GPS screen, and some stupid people out there (“Drudgepacker”) would give this false reading all the gravitational force of magnetic north, aiding scalp-hunters everywhere who want need a dark face to cover-up their own misdeeds.

As usual, these entitled socialist pigs (formerly ‘running dogs of capitalism’ now ‘comrade’) want to blame the powerless and clueless on the one hand, and beg for a little (i.e. ‘a lot’) welfare relief for themselves with the other.

As usual the stupidest Americans are blind to irony.

Sure, go ahead and dodge responsibility- that is the usual modus operandi of the racist commie republikan entitlement trust fund crowd and their poodles.

But blaming a single regulation, when effective regulation and oversight would have kept this abuse of the markets in check and would have avoided such a monumental breakdown is convenient but dishonest, especially as we’re no longer in the same book.

To the Fed, Inc., The SEC, the Cheney Bush administration, the neoCONS, Greenspank, Hanky (Panky) Paulson, Bendover Bukkake, Christopher Cox(ucker), Tangelo Orangezillo, Kenny Boy, Jimmy Cayne, Elmer ‘Dick’ Fuld, and dozens if not hundreds of other lesser known “free market” suicidal asssassins (for what else would you call someone who killed the goose that laid their precious golden parachute egg) in government and in corporate boardrooms which helped to “financially engineer” the end of American capitalism by looking the other way: Fuck You Very Much, Assholes!

Barry Ritholtz would just like to remind you who and what is responsible- helpful, if, like me you want to to know at who’s likenesses you want to throw darts.

Oh, and don’t forget Enron: our useful idiot’s president’s fave CEO (may he rest in pieces) and his “business model-” along with that of those “financial geniuses” who ran the ironically named Long Term Capital Management– have much to do with this as they were the poster boys every B-school MBA had on their wall to wank to emulate (“the sincerest form of flattery”)… and now just look at the fine mess we have on our hands today.

A Memo Found in the Street [The Big Picture (pdf)]

When someone told director Stanley Kubrick “you can’t polish a turd,” he replied, “you can if you freeze it.”


September 24, 2008

Somebody needs to go to jail for this travesty.

In over his ahead

September 22, 2008

… or asleep at the wheel?

… or an empty suit?


Welfare queen.

September 22, 2008

Financial terrorist.

September 22, 2008

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