Hank Paulson is a MUCH bigger criminal than OJ Simpson

So to everyone celebrating his conviction, FUCK YOU, you’ve been paying attentionto this while the CRIME OF THE CENTURY was being committed right over there —> (you just had to look).

You’ve just been screwed outof TRILLIONS of dollars which will overseen by the very person most responsible for the creation of the financial crisis- the former CEO of Goldman Sucks.

You are gloating that some broken-down athlete finally got his comeuppance, as if THAT had some importance or bearing on YOUR life.

Well, congratulations, YOU are about to experience what PAYBACK IS A BITCH really means.

“Payback, but for what?” you might well ask. For taking your eye off the ball. For dereliction of duty.

For being distracted. For being stupid.

See, that’s the problem with bread and circuses.  Under the guise of a “bailout” (more like a down-payment) when it was in fact nothing more than a government-backed MONEY-LAUNDERING SCAM as well as an UNPRECEDENTED giveaway of national wealth (i.e., your taxes are about to increase by 100%), most of you were distracted by the irrelevance of OJ, American Idol, Sarah Palin, 99.9999% of television, bombast radio, Faux Nooze, et al.

Talk about fiddling while the empire is burning!

Are you prepared? Of course not, you’re an idiot who voted in crooks.

Here’s your reward for not paying attention:

“There is no constitutional authority for the government to bail out private enterprise at taxpayer expense.” –Mike Shedlock

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