Uh-oh, This Can’t Be Good for Business

***UPDATE 2****

Get the bolt cutters- youre outa here! [MSM airhead reads prompter with perfect makeup]

***UPDATE 1****

BMIT has latched on to the story. Read OCRenter’s account here.

Looks like someone drank a bit too much Kool-Aid.

Appearing in the local news and acting desperate by padlocking yourself to the front handrail (easily bypassed with a Sawzall, BTW), while at the same time trying to pass yourself off as an “expert” in the very field you claim as your “profession” is disingenuous at best, and at least as bad for business.

And another example of how, as my British friends like to point out, Americans fail to recognize irony.

So here we have yet another MSM story where the “reporter” fails to ask ANY probing or relevant questions, and just presents her- the, ahem, victim‘s, uh, story. How did this situation got to this point? I mean, c‘mon– “what is the backstory?” This is the first question on any reasonble viewer’s mind.

Failing to tell the other side of the story isn’t just irresponsible journalism (I know local TeeVeeNooze(tm) reporting isn’t REALLY journalism, but let’s pretend it is to make the point). It also foments the commonly held meme idiocy that it’s merely the banks that are to blame for the financial meltdown- and not greedy homedebtors who overleveraged themselves too.

Well, over at Housing Doom a little reasearch was in order and in the comments some answers were provided.  Ms. Reyno MEW’d to her hearts content- nearly tripling the debt on her home mortgage personal ATM.

I wonder where the money (approx. $389,000, on top of the home’s original mortgage of $200,000 ) went? It didn’t just evaporate.

“It looks more like she took advantage of the lenders than the other way around.” -twist

[California Short Sale Facilitator]

[Housing Doom]

“The mainstream media (specifically newspapers, but also radio, TV and magazines) are flailing and failing. The usual reason given is declining readership and ad revenue, but perhaps the real decline is in their relevancy, insight and truthfulness.” -Charles Hugh Smith, Mainstream Media: Masters of the Obvious, Clueless Commentary

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