Obama, seriously dude

A tax cheat in the Treasury?

The I.R.S. is a part of the U.S. Treasury. I can appreciate irony but this fucking redonculous!

This dude Geithner did his taxes with TurboTax? Seriously? And he used TurboTax? Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fine product, but… shouldn’t the role as Treasury Secretary be for a person that can do- or have done- his taxes properly? Without relying on the f limsy excuse that it was all TurboTax’s fault? Puh-leaase. He signed the 1040, right? He was aware that being self-employed carries with it certain responsibilities? One of those is to do your taxes properly. He’s a bean-counter, right? Even more to the point.

And if you hold yourself out for a gummint post this, erm, important- but so recently stained with by the skid marks of guy who shaves his frikkin’ head- you and your actions should be above reproach, and withstand scrutiny. After all, you want to get the new adminsitration started off on the right foot.

Clearly this candidate is wrong.

Hey, wasn’t he at the scene at the Bear Stearns, Lehman Bros, Wachovia, and AIG implosions? Grrreeeeeeat, those worked out splendidly for the taxpayer. He had a major role in this fiasco.

C’mon dude, seriously… it’s not quite a Harriet Myers, Jr. move, but this appointment should inspire confidence- not letting the citiznes/taxpayers out there wonder if this is just more of the same old same old.

Felix Salmon suggests that Geithner is getting very good at absolving himself from responsibility for things gone wrong. [Portfolio]

Geithner Doth Speak With Forked Tongue (Dollar Edition) [naked capitalism]

Should We Bailout Geithner Too? [New Geography]

Finally, it is a simple matter to compare Geithner’s activities at the Fed to those of Ken Lay at Enron. Remember all those “partnerships” with cool names derived from Star Wars movies? Geithner’s New York Fed created Delaware Limited Liability Companies with the name “Maiden Lane” which is the Fed’s street address in New York. They are using unregulated companies to make loans and to buy and sell assets completely outside the view of the public. The Senate Finance Committee approved Geithner’s nomination on January 22, 2009 in an Open Executive Session. Geithner has proven he can hide the ball; let’s not let this scheme move to Treasury.

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