Are these people on the level? What possbile motive could they have for revealing that they squandered an absolute fortune and have fuck-all left to show for it?

They should be public laughing stock, but the report doesn’t dare tread too deeply or risk alientating a million other fuckups (“aka our viewers”) out there in teevee land.

They offer no platitudes, or even explanations.  The report probes superficially, letting them off the hook by portraying them simply as Victims of circumstance. Nobody could have seen it coming. Like AIG they’re just victims of the economic downturn.

Their downfall has nothing at all to do with their poor judgment, apparent ridicule of thrift, lack of patience for prudence; preferring to spend spend spend like crazed loons, and living like megalomaniacs is what they’re all about.

No mea culpas. No ‘I fucked up.’ Not even one American dollar saved for a rainy day.

Shed a tear for their kids, who could have the best in life but instead will probably have to attend (sniff sniff) public school.

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