Oh Blighty

The expense scandal in the UK has resulted in a few token resignations:

First, Jaqui Smith:

Most damagingly, she faced the humiliating disclosure that her husband claimed for pay-per-view pornographic films on her Commons expenses.  It has also been revealed that she claimed for items including a barbeque and a butt-plug.



Now for the rest:

  • Two government ministers also say they’re going
  • Two more Labour MPs are to step down
  • Private prosecution threat for Chaytor and three others
  • Cameron: Election essential to ‘cleanse’ Parliament
  • The axe is also still hanging over Chancellor Alistair Darling
    [Daily Mail]

Penny-ante sneak thieves claiming phantom expenses for as little a few pounds. Tsk-tsk.

You know your country is FUCKED when even crooked politicians have no outsize ambition.

Give me Huey Long any day over these pikers.

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” — George Orwell

One Response to Oh Blighty

  1. hger says:

    What a bunch of fucking assholes!

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