Alabama retards

Not only can’t these tards get the truck in the bin (too small? perhaps they should have thought this through), they apparently feel it’s perfectly fine to trash a perfectly good vehicle because they made a (taxpayer subsidized) sale. Big whoop.

And you and I get to pay for this lunacy.

Of course, Alabama doesn’t have the market for ‘tards cornered, no sirree Bob- we got a an entire nation of them. To paraphrase Howard Dean, they’re in California, and Montana, and New York, and Florida, and Texas… etc.

2 Responses to Alabama retards

  1. […] Cash for clunkers- your govt has gone lunatic crazy The goons in gummint engineered this deal to get more people into more debt. What you aren’t aware ofis that it isn’t barely running ‘clunkers’ that are being turned in for a credit, but <strong>perfectly good cars</strong> en masse that are then DESTROYED! You want examples? […]

  2. Better than a New York Libtard. Get ‘er done!

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