Untouchable in America means something else

February 27, 2010

Yes, as the Washington Post reports, the United States government announced today that there will be no penalties whatsoever for the lawyers who were ordered by their superiors, George Bush and Dick Cheney, to write memos “justifying” the tortures that Bush and Cheney wanted to unleash upon captives held indefinitely without charges, without evidence, without trial, without rights.

Dick Cheney has openly confessed to instructing his pathetic little minions, his nasty little modern-day Vyshinksys, John Yoo and Jay Bybee, to write the scraps of paper of twisted legalese meant to pre-emptively exonerate the top officials of the United States government for the unambiguously criminal actions they were to inflict upon their uncharged, untried prisoners — some of whom had actually been purchased, like slaves, from traffickers in human bodies — around the world. Cheney boasts openly of supporting and facilitating torture techniques — such as waterboarding — which have historically been prosecuted as high crimes by American authorities, and are, in fact, capital crimes under the laws of the United States today.

But on Friday, February 19, 2010, the administration of President Barack Obama declared that not only will it not prosecute the avowed and boastful perpetrators and accomplices of the capital crime of torture, it will not impose even the mildest of administrative or professional reprimands upon them. For the foulest of tortures, reaching even to murder, the government of the United States will do nothing: no investigation, no prosecution, no penalty.

I have run out of words to describe how vile this is. The mind recoils against fully comprehending the moral depravity of our leaders — and the reeking stench of their pious hypocrisy.

[ Chris Floyd ]

Could not have happened to a nicer guy

August 6, 2009

Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan

Think Bandar Bush will eventually receive that particular (Saudi) royal treatment: beheading?

Who knows, but this steaming turd once threatened UK officials that if they did not stop the investigation into the British Aerospace (BAE) slush fund which him and his family/cronies relied upon for frequent travel and million dollar shopping excursions (no lie) then the UK might soon see another 7/7.

In kingdom, Saudi prince’s coup ‘fails’
Sun, 02 Aug 2009 17:03:54 GMT

Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the kingdom’s former ambassador to the United States, is reportedly under house arrest over a conspiracy against the monarch.

Saad al-Faqih, head of the opposition group Islamic Reform Movement, told Arab-language TV al-Alam that Prince Bandar has been disappeared and the media has published no word from the ex-diplomat’s whereabouts since nearly three months ago.

According to al-Faqih, the prince first disappeared in Britain but he returned to the kingdom shortly afterwards.

He added that after Saudi officials discovered that he had provoked 200 agents working for the Saudi security service to stage a coup against King Abdullah, he was put under house arrest.

Al-Faqih said people close to the king had disclosed Bandar’s plots and foiled them.

He said Saudi sources believe that intelligence provided by some Arab countries help the Saudi monarch foil Prince Bandar’s conspiracy.

Power struggle between members of the Saudi royal family has been common as power is shared among some 200 princes out of the estimated 7000 family members.

Known as Bandar Bush because of his close relations with former US President George W Bush, the prince is son of Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz.

I am sure it is all one big misunderstanding.

“It will be many years before the masses discover just how completely they have been fleeced by the power elite.” -Richard Smith

Clearly there is not confidence

October 10, 2008

… in our Feckless leaders ability to handle the Solvency Crisis.

Hell, this crisis begat another crisis: the Leadership Crisis.

Hanky Panky, Clueless Bushtard, and Bendover Bukkake are clearly in over their heads.

Trying everything and anything to try and stop a panic while avoiding/ignoring the true causes is doomed to failure, son. Didn’t yo daddy learn you that?

By all reports two out of three of the aformentioned “leaders” are pretty bright guys (if “book smarts” counts). One was the progenitor of this very crisis back in his days of working in the tranches at Goldman Sux, and I’m sure he is reveling in his handiwork. One of them is merely parroting what his handlers tell him (“repeat the same phrase over and over and there’s a chance it might become true”) and is clearly detached from the pain being felt by the people he was (sort of) elected to govern, protect, and defend the Constitution for. One of them is a student of a prior meltdown (“GD 1.0”) but unfortunately his expertise on that particluar crisis is tragically misplaced since this country’s markets are facing a completely different set of criteria this time around (See the Panic of 1873 for a more apt comparison). Oopsy.

“[I]nvestors have totally lost faith in the ability of policy authorities to control this meltdown.” –Noureil Roubini

The Housing Crisis would not have occurred had we not had Excessive Leverage and an unregulated Credit Default Swap market be allowed to get out of control. Put all three together, though, and you have a mix as potent as a cocktail Molotov.

The underlying value of the former two will be greatly affected  by how the first performs. Are the underlying assets worthless? No. But establishing a value is indeed a problem, and FUD about homedebtors walking away in the MSM exacerbates the problem.

So we have a Crisis of Solvency, followed by a Crisis of Leadership.

Which is the greater concern?

Well, this IS being handled by … (wait for it)

The Three Stooges of Financial Armageddon.

What they gonna do? [Paul Krugman]

Hank Paulson is a MUCH bigger criminal than OJ Simpson

October 4, 2008

So to everyone celebrating his conviction, FUCK YOU, you’ve been paying attentionto this while the CRIME OF THE CENTURY was being committed right over there —> (you just had to look).

You’ve just been screwed outof TRILLIONS of dollars which will overseen by the very person most responsible for the creation of the financial crisis- the former CEO of Goldman Sucks.

You are gloating that some broken-down athlete finally got his comeuppance, as if THAT had some importance or bearing on YOUR life.

Well, congratulations, YOU are about to experience what PAYBACK IS A BITCH really means.

“Payback, but for what?” you might well ask. For taking your eye off the ball. For dereliction of duty.

For being distracted. For being stupid.

See, that’s the problem with bread and circuses.  Under the guise of a “bailout” (more like a down-payment) when it was in fact nothing more than a government-backed MONEY-LAUNDERING SCAM as well as an UNPRECEDENTED giveaway of national wealth (i.e., your taxes are about to increase by 100%), most of you were distracted by the irrelevance of OJ, American Idol, Sarah Palin, 99.9999% of television, bombast radio, Faux Nooze, et al.

Talk about fiddling while the empire is burning!

Are you prepared? Of course not, you’re an idiot who voted in crooks.

Here’s your reward for not paying attention:

“There is no constitutional authority for the government to bail out private enterprise at taxpayer expense.” –Mike Shedlock

Bush isn’t the only ‘total failure’

July 18, 2008
Young slut Nancy

Nancy as a young tart

Congreff rubber stamped virutally every piece of legislation Bush and his cronies wanted enacted.  Congreff stood by and did nothing while parts of America engorged itself on a diet of debt, fraud, and larceny while Congreff just stood by with their collective finger up their fucking ass while the rest of us were yelling to try an get your attention and pointing out wha was just so wrong.

Nancy, dah-ling, you are as much a ‘total failure’ as the chimp-in-chief. You and 95.6% of your colleagues.

You Bitch. [AP]

I’d say they were whistling past the graveyard

September 26, 2007

… only our clueless fearless leaders aren’t even making a peep on the dollar’s strikinghumbling, scary devaluation.

Perhaps this is all part of the plan to bring the nation to it’s nknees, enslave the middle class, and give the wealthy the power to rule over us like slaves.

Or maybe they’re just clueless fucknuggets that don’t know what the fuck to do about any of it.

Applying Occam’s razor makes the latter scenario the most likely.

Mortgage meldown a terrorist plot?

September 18, 2007

This “mortgage meltdown” has the “fingerprints of al-Qaeda all over it,” according to one insider.

This is a tale that has not been picked up by the MSM yet, but given time, it most certainly will. The blogosphere is already all over it.

It has been recently revealed through top-secret administration documents provided by an undercover source in Homeland Security, as well as “highly placed” officials at the Securities and Exchange Commission, that the instrument known as the Collateralized Debt Obligation (CDO) was the creation of an al-Qaeda operative working undercover at Drexel Burnham Lambert.

“This was the metaphorical equivalent of a suicide bomber… except it has not yet detonated, but believe you me, this is imminent.”

This same “person of interest,” according to an FBI informant “worked within the system in order to help destroy it.”

His identity is known, but only to a few highly placed officials. This “person of interest” is said to now run one of this nation’s largest hedge funds. So many of this nation’s wealthy citizens have so much invested under his auspices, it is felt that rather than “rock the boat,” the administration would rather play it safe for the time being, wait it out to see if this individual can make investors a few more dollars before they take the opportunity to withdraw capital, as in a down market, because- so far- he has done very well by them.

The Hundred Year Plan
Al-Qaeda planners and strategists think long term- “decades and centuries, unlike our month-to-month, at best five-year plans.”

And just where will all of this end?

“It is common knowledge al-Qaeda has successfully infiltrated American financial institutions,” and this has, according to one source “not gone unnoticed.”

“If they’re profitable, and so far they have been it’s highly unlikely that anyone would want to interfere. We are waiting until they screw up, that’s when we (Homeland Security) would grab them. It’s all about market timing, which is pretty easy.”

Credit where credit is due
The stroke of genius was in getting the bubble to blow up in the first place- getting people’s hopes up that the economy was strong, buoyant, and long term, by making convincing arguments via the mainstream press and late-night infomercials that “this time it is different” and that it was indeed possible to “earn without having to put forth effort, get an education, or struggle.”

The nation’s deficit status is looming over the horizon like the sword of Damocles, and whose head is on the chopping block? “Americans, that’s who,” said the official.