Now that’s what you call Quality Leadership(tm)

April 27, 2010

This is the sort of arrogance evidenced when  military leadership can hold the audience hostage (I use audience instead of reporters as these indoctrinated hacks long ago gave up their objectivity and integrity in order to rub their dicks and clits against their fave political hack’s slacks) to tell really stupid and intelligence-insulting jokes.

What I call:  hubris. Much in evidence. If I were more adept at video editing, I could do a reel.

“When a nation practices evil, there is no way that it is going to be blessed in the long run. The truth is that we have become a nation that is dripping with corruption and wickedness from the top to the bottom. Unless this fundamentally changes, not even the most perfect political policies in the world are going to do us any good. In the end, you always reap what you sow. The day of reckoning for the U.S. is nigh.” -Anonymous

Hank Paulson is a MUCH bigger criminal than OJ Simpson

October 4, 2008

So to everyone celebrating his conviction, FUCK YOU, you’ve been paying attentionto this while the CRIME OF THE CENTURY was being committed right over there —> (you just had to look).

You’ve just been screwed outof TRILLIONS of dollars which will overseen by the very person most responsible for the creation of the financial crisis- the former CEO of Goldman Sucks.

You are gloating that some broken-down athlete finally got his comeuppance, as if THAT had some importance or bearing on YOUR life.

Well, congratulations, YOU are about to experience what PAYBACK IS A BITCH really means.

“Payback, but for what?” you might well ask. For taking your eye off the ball. For dereliction of duty.

For being distracted. For being stupid.

See, that’s the problem with bread and circuses.  Under the guise of a “bailout” (more like a down-payment) when it was in fact nothing more than a government-backed MONEY-LAUNDERING SCAM as well as an UNPRECEDENTED giveaway of national wealth (i.e., your taxes are about to increase by 100%), most of you were distracted by the irrelevance of OJ, American Idol, Sarah Palin, 99.9999% of television, bombast radio, Faux Nooze, et al.

Talk about fiddling while the empire is burning!

Are you prepared? Of course not, you’re an idiot who voted in crooks.

Here’s your reward for not paying attention:

“There is no constitutional authority for the government to bail out private enterprise at taxpayer expense.” –Mike Shedlock

Good riddance to bad rubbish

March 31, 2008

Embattled HUD chief resigns, cites family
Jackson makes no mention of investigation, Democratic pressure

Jackson, 62, has been fending off allegations of cronyism and favoritism involving HUD contractors for the past two years. The FBI has been examining the ties between Jackson and a friend who was paid $392,000 by Jackson’s department as a construction manager in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

I guess Americans just sort of expect this sort of thing from the Bush administration as a matter of course. Mike Brown, Alfonso Gonzalez… and the list of unqualified indivuals, in over their heads just goes on.

I wonder what the chances of his being brought to  justice are?

Infortunately, incompetency isn’t a prosecutable offence.

Fortunately, there is the whole cronyism aspect that might find purchase.

The next administration might just spend a lot of time prosecuting ex-Bushies.

Otherwise, it’s moral hazard for everybody! Par-tay!


February 14, 2008

Homebuilders Lobbying Group Cuts Off Contributions to Federal Congressional Campaigns [Yahoo]

Oh it’s a howler:

The lobbying group representing homebuilders is cutting off contributions to federal congressional campaigns, saying lawmakers and the Bush administration have not done enough to stabilize the housing market.

Perhaps the got their skids greased all too well back when it all began.

Looking for someone else to blame here just look in the mirror. Keep moving.

“I believe we should send people to Washington with sound moral character”

November 15, 2007


November 15, 2007

Fish or Foul?

October 3, 2007