Fredo, we hardly knew ye

August 27, 2007

Yet the closer we got, the more repellant you became.

Still, credit where credit is due. His *spectacular* rise to the level of his incompetence is only surpassed in the annals of history by one man: his boss.

Give the man a medal. And a Burgie!

Good riddance to bad rubbish!

Supreme Court are a Bunch of Pussies

December 8, 2006

The phrase “this ain’t a court of justice, son, it’s a court of law” was never truer.

That a pot smoker got sentenced to FIFTY FIVE YEARS IN PRISON, effectively a life sentence, for possession of cannabis is fucking ridiculous and that the Supreme Court pussied out on hearing his case- and many other cases apparently (it’s been noted that these carbuncles have been very work-shy in the last year- the Clarence Thomas influence no doubt)- just goes to show, well, something.

That they’re a fucking bunch of assholes is certainly one of them!

This isn’t cruel and unusual punishment? Consider for the sake of the argument it is, and then combine this with what is happening in Gunatanamo, Iraq, and the last time I went to the airport I was subjected to a cavity search (and I wasn’t even flying anywhere!), then you have to wonder. Are we now subjects of a secretive realm and no longer American citizens?

Who is terrorizing whom?

Just, like, a question man.


November 22, 2006

When the armed insurgents attack your house and break down your door, if you are a 92-year old woman, what can you do?

Use the shotgun your grandaughter gave you.

If you’re part of a narcotics team executing a night-time raid on a suspected drug den, make fucking sure you have the right house.

Can’t wait to see if they give these assholes officers a medal.