Living Beyond Their Means

The woman profiled in this article sounds like such a whimpering douche. Why? She’s portraying herself as SUCH a victim.

And perhaps typical of the po folks that let the sub-prime pimps sell them The American Dream they could scarcely afford.

I’m so sorry but you’ll have to give it all back now. Party’s over. Everybody! Out of the pool.

Sorry that your kids got roped into your bad decision making and stuff. Perhaps you can take comfort that their suffering will help to build character. Point out how your bad decision making put them in the poor house.

Credit card debt? Then refi the family home to pay it all off (Repeat six (!) times). Trouble with both your cars? Go out and buy two brand new ones. Were they Hummers per chance? Credit card company sending you pre-printed checks? Hell, that’s free money- go ahead and pay the mortgage with ’em, you only live once!

Great choice of solutions each time. I can’t see how it all went pear shaped.

Maybe the circuitous route you took to personal financing was you flushing your family down the toilet?

“You never would’ve thought this could happen, having had a 700-plus FICO score.”

”                       .”

“We accumulated a lot of stuff as a family that I can sell.”

”                       .”

“I see so many listings on Craigslist and eBay where families are selling everything.”

”                       .”

The blank quotes? That’s me being speechless.

So moral of the story is: Unless you are at the top of the pyramid, walk away from the scheme. “Wait,” you ask, “how can you tell?”


With any group of people, if you can’t pinpoint the schmuck, then the schmuck is you.

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